Hey guys, just a quick post here! So I am trying to help a friend out to get her more popular on youtube so she gets more business for work. But i need YOUR help. My friends specialty is cakes, she can make awesome cakes, she’s like a pro at it… she actually has a small business she just recently made one for someones sweet sixteen and yeah….. this is what i need you to do!!!

1. Write a comment about the types of cake you like, and frosting,all the good stuff
2. include advice on videos, would a short video on how to make something be fun? or would just a video on her making something be fun? tell me what YOU would want to watch.
3. and last but not least!!! what is your favorite website to go on??? besides websites like Facebook, Myspace, Ect. i know it has nothing to do with cooking but it would really help me get her pretty far.
[= [= [= [= [= [= [= [=
see ya,



Hey peoples,

Guess what? A moderator from Clubpenguin went to this exact blog! Not to brag but it was AWESOME! Tell your friends! The moderator MIGHT come every week to write some fresh updates so I can tell you guys. So if you want exact news, not news that is gossip like the other guys give you, but fresh, real, news then come here at least twice a week, I will have something here for you.

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