World of Warcraft:Cataclysm Herbalism Farming Routes

Hey Guys, I realized most of you are having trouble locating where mass amount of your desired herbs are. Well, this blog post will be focusing on just that!


Whiptail has a very common spawn rate in Uldum. The best farming route for Whiptail is around the Cataclysm Dungeon, “The Lost City of Tol’vir”. This route is a very good route if you are looking to farm Volatile Life as well, seeing Whiptail is plentyful here, and is one of the few herbs that drop it. My personal results from one hour: 40 stacks of Whiptail… 190 Volatile Life    


Cinderbloom has a very common spawn rate in Deepholm. The best farming route for Cinderbloom in Deepholm is through “Needle Rock Chasm” into “The Pale Roost” then down around the “Temple of Earth”, around “DeathWing’s Fall” into “Silvermarsh” then back around to “NeedleRock Chasm”. This route is a very good route if you are looking to farm Volatile Life as well, seeing Cinderbloom is plentyful here, and is one of the few herbs that drop it.

Azshara’s Veil

Azshara’s Veil has a very common spawn rate in Shimmering Expanse, Vashj’ir. The best farming route is through the “Glimmerdeep Gorge” around “Nespirah” down into “Bill’aran Ridge” around the west side of “The Ruins of Vashj’ir” then back into the “Glimmerdeep Gorge”. This route is a very good route if you are looking to farm Volatile Life as well, seeing Azshara’s Veil is plentyful here, and is one of the few herbs that drop it. 





Stormvine is not the fastest spawning herb in Azeroth… but from my experiences farming I found that Mount Hyjal is the best place to gather Stormvine. The best route for farming Stormvine is through “The Circle of Cinders” into the “Shrine of Aviana” across to the “Grove of Aessina” around the “Shrine of Goldrinn” then back into “The Circle of Cinders”. I would not suggest this route if you are looking to farm Volatile Life.

Twilight Jasmine

Twilight Jasmine has a very rare spawn rate. The best and really ONLY farming route is in Twilight Highlands. It starts at “DragonMaw Port” across to “Dawwald Ruins” up to “Victory Point” around “Thundermar” down under “Firebeard’s Patrol” then back to “DragonMaw Port”.


Heartblossom has a common spawn rate in Deepholm. The best route for Heartblossom is to start at “Temple of Earth” go up and through “The Pile Roost”, “Needle Rock Chasm”, & “Needle Rock Slag” dipping down into “Stone Hearth” across the block to “The Shattered Fields” then staying along the edge of Deepholm until you reach “Twilight Overlook” then up into “Silvermarsh” followed by “Crimson Expanse” then curve into “Deathwing’s Fall” leading you back to “Temple of Earth”.

I would recommend this route if you are looking to farm some Volatile Life as well!

…. And that’s all the routes you need to know to be able to efficiently farm every Cataclysm herb in Azeroth!

Have a great day farming!


Haven’t done this in a while… ( How to make easy W.O.W. gold !)

Hey people, haven’t blogged here in a while about world of warcraft, or anything (for that matter)
so basically im just gonna tell you how i make MY gold in world of warcraft. If you want to copy me , go ahead, it works!







So i have two 85’s i use this on, Aaquinaa & Nighttwingg , both are 525 alchemists(transmutation masters).
Aaquinaa’s second Proffession is herbalism… Nighttwingg’s second proffession is mining.

So, I use Aaquinaa to get Volatile Life’s(from Whiptail in Uldum), then make them into different volatiles needed to make truegold(alchemy- “Living elements”). Then I use Nighttwingg to farm Pyrium. This is the most cost effective way to make truegold(It’s literally FREE, besides time spent) Then you sell the truegold for bunch-o money(results vary depending your server)

IN MORE DETAIL….(if you need it)
I use Aaquinaa to farm Volatile life’s(From whiptail in Uldum)
I bargain with another fellow alchemist to give up their “Living Elements” Cooldown for 50g (usually sells for 100g or so, depending on your server, with my own mats, & it is much cheaper than just buying the volatile’s themselves)
Tell the alchemist to go to specific places, depending which type of volatile you need most:
Uldum= Volatile Air

Vashjir=Volatile Water

Mount hyjal= Volatile Fire

Deepholm= Volatile Earth

To Make truegold you need:

10 Volatile Fire

10 Volatile Water

10 Volatile Air

3 pyrium Bars.
So farm enough Volatile Life to be able to transmute 4 times(per truegold)

Once your done with collecting all the volatiles… Smelt the Pyrium ORE into Pyrium BARS…

Then make the Truegold & sell them for however much they are selling for.


Don’t undercut yourself, that hurts yourself & the W.o.W economy, you will be able to sell for the normal price, trust me.

I usually sell VIA Trade chat

1. I dont have to pay any Auction house fee

2. I usually sell more faster than Auction house will for me

3. I get my gold RIGHT AWAY. But it’s your choice which you would like to do.

And thats how i make my gold….


Glad to be back,



Hey guys.
I havent been putting up any World Of Warcraft posts lately, because im focusing on getting to Level 80, so i can give you the best information on the game. I am Level 71 right now, so hang in there [: you should comment on this post and tell me what about world Of warcraft you want me to post about. Then i might actually post about it! [:

See ya,

Change in Blog Title

Hey Guys! its me Goddessmomo! Ok so those of you who check my page often probably have noticed i changed the title of my blog, that is because i do not play ClubPenguin that much anymore and so there will not be many posts about it anymore but there will be posts about other video games like for example World of Warcraft, Runescape(maybe), ect. And also i will just post some posts about day to day life, like about holidays or festivals, just anything that happpens that i know about that i might want to post about. So yeah, this was just a short little note of why i changed it and what you should be expecting from now on.

See ya,


HEY GUYS! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, i was busy playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I’ve been playing for the past 82 hours straight….. HAHA just kidding! But I have been on it a lot lately, ever since i got my membership back. I’ve been up all night, going to sleep the next morning playing W.O.W. I am legitly ADDICTED. I have 3 players I mainly play. The first is called Nighttwingg, She’s on the Alliance side, a Night Elf, Rogue. I got her up to level 12 and she has like 49 gold on it! IDK how i got SO MUCH gold, but i do! And she is trying to get people to sign her guild charter, so if any of you guys play WOW see if NighttWingg is on your server then message me i will most likely be online! The second one I have is named Nightwingg (so creative right?? XD LOL) ok so that one is level 11, I got a pet on it, I picked a Crab from Auberdine because that was the highest level animal that i could make to be my pet at the moment. If you guys play WOW, go to Auberdine when you are allowed to get one and go to the beach part of it, and then get the Pigmy Crab to be your pet, they are SO powerful! Im serious, if you go back to Dolanaar or Darnassuss, it will seriously PWN all the animals in the forest. That one is a Night Elf, on the Alliance Side, and is a Hunter. The third main one i use is named Aaquinaa ( I have no idea where i made up the name) and she is on the Alliance side, Is a Night Elf, and is level 9 at the moment and is a Druid. By the way, if you are going to start WOW, be a druid if your on the alliance side! THEY ARE SO AWESOME. at level 10 you can shapeshift into an animal.. and also they have healing powers and they attack with a thing called Wrath, and they are better than priests, they level kinda fast in my opinion… as long as your trying…. and thats about it… I dont think i am addicted are I ???? HAHAH i think i am.. Post a comment below about your opinion on World of Warcraft, and tell me about your players on there. Or if you have any questions about it then just ask me in a comment. (:

See ya,


PS: I think i might do a post on just world of warcraft… should I? tell me in a comment below. (: