Hey guys, just a quick post here! So I am trying to help a friend out to get her more popular on youtube so she gets more business for work. But i need YOUR help. My friends specialty is cakes, she can make awesome cakes, she’s like a pro at it… she actually has a small business she just recently made one for someones sweet sixteen and yeah….. this is what i need you to do!!!

1. Write a comment about the types of cake you like, and frosting,all the good stuff
2. include advice on videos, would a short video on how to make something be fun? or would just a video on her making something be fun? tell me what YOU would want to watch.
3. and last but not least!!! what is your favorite website to go on??? besides websites like Facebook, Myspace, Ect. i know it has nothing to do with cooking but it would really help me get her pretty far.
[= [= [= [= [= [= [= [=
see ya,



HEY PEOPLE! My grandma wants me to give a shout out to her so here it goes!

She is the AWESOMEST grandma ever. and guess what, she’s not only awesome, HER HAIR IS AWESOME! its like the “in style” hairdo for people her age… which is PRETTY YOUNG! I MUST SAY… her hair is dyed brown with dyed blonde highlights through them. And to make her feel even more AWESOME write a comment below saying “You are so awesome, even though i dont know you…” (= ok!? please?!… if you dont want to write that then post a comment on what your grandma is like…

On March 5, 2010 we are going to have a “GRANDMA-OFF” how does that sound? Everyone can brag about their grandma and how awesome she is and how yummy her food is! it goes on until April 6,2010. Then i will choose who has the awesomest grandma! (= so wait for that post about the “GRANDMA-OFF” and remember to write your name in the comment so if you win i can shout out to you!!!tell all your friends, and if you want to ADD A PICTURE OF YOUR GRANDMA that would be really awesome and funny! (=

See ya!

PS: I like the word awesome.. if you havent noticed (=


Hey guys! Happy July 4th/ Independance Day!!! God bless America. Ok, to get to the point of this blog, BESIDES the point that its Independance Day. I realize that you probably know what Independance Day is, its when we won a war, a BIG war, a war that made us America; Because we won that battle we are here right now, living, in America, for America. So yeah, My mom got a convertable today (rental) and so on my way up to S.D. i blasted up the radio with the roof all down and i was all like, ” HOLLA!” So that was how I celebrated my day. On the freeway, you know those bridges that are above freeways and stuff? Well for all the holidays someone always puts graffiti on it so today it said ‘God Bless America” so I thought that was pretty cool. Other than that I was pretty chill, hanging at my grandpa’s, watching movies, just hanging. So I want to know what YOU did to celebrate Independance Day. Because, i know it’s a pretty important holiday and some people do more than just set off fireworks, they do OTHER stuff…. So yeah write a comment below telling me what YOU did. Oh and I just realized that alot of people dont celebrate Independance Day… because they dont live in America….haha?…. so instead tell me what YOU did today.
See ya!