Hey guys.
I havent been putting up any World Of Warcraft posts lately, because im focusing on getting to Level 80, so i can give you the best information on the game. I am Level 71 right now, so hang in there [: you should comment on this post and tell me what about world Of warcraft you want me to post about. Then i might actually post about it! [:

See ya,


Hey guys i promised a Grandma off March 5th.. i’m a day late, im sorry. Ok so this is the rules for the Grandma off:
1. No cussing
2.Be appropiate
3. brag ONLY about your ggrandma and have fun
Ok so the Grandma off is basically like YO MAMA but its like MY GRANDMA so instead of insulting someones mom you brag about your grandma… get it?
So after you add your comment bragging about your grandma also add your first name and what state you are from if you feel like it you can also add a link to a picture of your grandma (ask her permission first though!).
Ok so The Grandma Off ends June 18th! OK ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!
See ya,

oh PS: remember, MY GRANDMA is better than all ur grandmas combined so yeah (= don’t even try to compare to mine (=


Peoples! Guess what! My friend Josh made a new card game named Beasts,. It is the short of card game like Yu-Gi_oh but much more fun and WAY easier to get. So I am helping him publish it, I was wondering if you guys could tell me what your favorite animal is and what you would morph it into to make it look rad. It would really help….ALOT! So you will probably see Beasts in stores probably at max 1 year, in min probably a few months.