Hey guys, just a quick post here! So I am trying to help a friend out to get her more popular on youtube so she gets more business for work. But i need YOUR help. My friends specialty is cakes, she can make awesome cakes, she’s like a pro at it… she actually has a small business she just recently made one for someones sweet sixteen and yeah….. this is what i need you to do!!!

1. Write a comment about the types of cake you like, and frosting,all the good stuff
2. include advice on videos, would a short video on how to make something be fun? or would just a video on her making something be fun? tell me what YOU would want to watch.
3. and last but not least!!! what is your favorite website to go on??? besides websites like Facebook, Myspace, Ect. i know it has nothing to do with cooking but it would really help me get her pretty far.
[= [= [= [= [= [= [= [=
see ya,


Hey guys i promised a Grandma off March 5th.. i’m a day late, im sorry. Ok so this is the rules for the Grandma off:
1. No cussing
2.Be appropiate
3. brag ONLY about your ggrandma and have fun
Ok so the Grandma off is basically like YO MAMA but its like MY GRANDMA so instead of insulting someones mom you brag about your grandma… get it?
So after you add your comment bragging about your grandma also add your first name and what state you are from if you feel like it you can also add a link to a picture of your grandma (ask her permission first though!).
Ok so The Grandma Off ends June 18th! OK ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!
See ya,

oh PS: remember, MY GRANDMA is better than all ur grandmas combined so yeah (= don’t even try to compare to mine (=

Warning to Tarantula owners!

Hey Guys! Its me Goddessmomo. I saw this article just a few minutes ago about a Tarantula owner that got a weird eye “infection”. So what happened was that when the owner was cleaning out the Tarantula’s cage, the Tarantula felt territorial or threatened, and rubbed its hind legs against its abdomen to dislodge these hairs towards the guy and it went into his eye. the hairs have a little barbs at the end, but theres a lot, so it is painful I imagine to get them taken out. The guy is in a hospital getting “surgery” (you could say) to get the hair out. So just a little caution to you tarantula owners, your tarantula can dart mini weapons at you when feeling overly disturbed.

See ya,

Change in Blog Title

Hey Guys! its me Goddessmomo! Ok so those of you who check my page often probably have noticed i changed the title of my blog, that is because i do not play ClubPenguin that much anymore and so there will not be many posts about it anymore but there will be posts about other video games like for example World of Warcraft, Runescape(maybe), ect. And also i will just post some posts about day to day life, like about holidays or festivals, just anything that happpens that i know about that i might want to post about. So yeah, this was just a short little note of why i changed it and what you should be expecting from now on.

See ya,


HEY GUYS! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, i was busy playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I’ve been playing for the past 82 hours straight….. HAHA just kidding! But I have been on it a lot lately, ever since i got my membership back. I’ve been up all night, going to sleep the next morning playing W.O.W. I am legitly ADDICTED. I have 3 players I mainly play. The first is called Nighttwingg, She’s on the Alliance side, a Night Elf, Rogue. I got her up to level 12 and she has like 49 gold on it! IDK how i got SO MUCH gold, but i do! And she is trying to get people to sign her guild charter, so if any of you guys play WOW see if NighttWingg is on your server then message me i will most likely be online! The second one I have is named Nightwingg (so creative right?? XD LOL) ok so that one is level 11, I got a pet on it, I picked a Crab from Auberdine because that was the highest level animal that i could make to be my pet at the moment. If you guys play WOW, go to Auberdine when you are allowed to get one and go to the beach part of it, and then get the Pigmy Crab to be your pet, they are SO powerful! Im serious, if you go back to Dolanaar or Darnassuss, it will seriously PWN all the animals in the forest. That one is a Night Elf, on the Alliance Side, and is a Hunter. The third main one i use is named Aaquinaa ( I have no idea where i made up the name) and she is on the Alliance side, Is a Night Elf, and is level 9 at the moment and is a Druid. By the way, if you are going to start WOW, be a druid if your on the alliance side! THEY ARE SO AWESOME. at level 10 you can shapeshift into an animal.. and also they have healing powers and they attack with a thing called Wrath, and they are better than priests, they level kinda fast in my opinion… as long as your trying…. and thats about it… I dont think i am addicted are I ???? HAHAH i think i am.. Post a comment below about your opinion on World of Warcraft, and tell me about your players on there. Or if you have any questions about it then just ask me in a comment. (:

See ya,


PS: I think i might do a post on just world of warcraft… should I? tell me in a comment below. (:


Hey Guys! So i’ve had this Flip Video Camera for about 3 years now, and all of a sudden it keeps flippin out on me… so yeah. I am going to get a new camcorder that is under 100 bucks or 150 bucks, so i need some help. If you have a camcorder, or you know of a camcorder that has good resolution please comment below the name of it. Thanks so much! Keep coming back for more posts! I am planning on changing my whole blog so it is more fun and stuff. So please comment below the name of the camcorder you know that has high res. and comment about what you want me to post about!
See ya!

my old camcorder

my old camcorder


Hey i made a lot of cool videos on youtube, you should check them out! here is the link, just click HERE!!!! <—– OVER THERE!!!!!




Kid of the Month Removed!!

Hey readers, sorry about this but I have removed Kid Of the Month. Kids were getting a little jealous and complaining that the proportions of info about them was not fair so I decided to cancel Kid Of the Month until I can find a better way to do it. On the positive hand, this gives me more time to find cheats for clubpenguin to show you guys. I will have a page coming soon in late August that is called Clubpenguin Galore. It will not only be showing you the basic stuff, like hidden items in the catalogue, but i will be finding good cheats on getting coins and free items.

Thanks for your time and Patience,

Sorry for the inconvienience,

See ya,


Club Penguin Money Hack

Hey people! For those of you who want LOTS of money on Club Penguin and you don’t want to play a whole bunch of games for it, follow these steps!

1. type in Club Penguin Money Maker into google

2. click the URL with clubpenguinhq in it 

3.Click the tab of which it says money maker.

4.Then Download.

5.After the downloading process open it up and sign in.

6.After you sign in go to a quiet server.

7.When you are in a quiet server scroll up and down to see which amount of money you want.

CAUTION!!!you can use money maker as many times as you want! :mrgreen:


Hope this helps you!!!!

See ya,



Hey Peoples! I have news about the Clubpenguin pins. You can get 2 pins right now. The pin is an anchor at the cove on the top log. The other pin you get by finding everything on the new game Aqua Grabber, the pin is a ship wheel. You have to wait for about 5 seconds after the game then something will open up and will ask you if you want the pin.

See ya,



Hey Peoples,

Are you tired of spending your vacation days at home or some wierd resort you think is more like a motel? Well if you do think that then you would want to go to this sweet site for a Maui Vacation Rental. The Maui Escape resort is on a beach in Maui. They have room service, tennis courts, and well……. I cant name it all so go to see more about this rad Wailea Beach Villa and look through all the pages to find all the cool features. I think they even have a huge spa! Oh, You have more than 2,200 ft. of living space! See ya at the resort. If you dont want to go to the site then call 1-877-625-3621.It’s an awesome place to go and your parents might hug the heck out of you if you help them when they are trying to plan a cool Hawaii vacation. Also, when your whole family is planning a trip this is the first place you SHOULD want to go to. I Mean c’mon it’s huge – it sleeps 6 – 8 people and they have flat screen TVs. Super duper nice bathrooms with 1 shower and a separate tub to soak in… Just bring your Wii and give mom some cash to so she’ll be at the spa all day. Then make sure your dad brings his golf clubs so he’ll leave too – and WHAMO!! you got Wii playtime in Maui on the beach –YEAH now thats kid paradise.