Change in Blog Title

Hey Guys! its me Goddessmomo! Ok so those of you who check my page often probably have noticed i changed the title of my blog, that is because i do not play ClubPenguin that much anymore and so there will not be many posts about it anymore but there will be posts about other video games like for example World of Warcraft, Runescape(maybe), ect. And also i will just post some posts about day to day life, like about holidays or festivals, just anything that happpens that i know about that i might want to post about. So yeah, this was just a short little note of why i changed it and what you should be expecting from now on.

See ya,



Hey guys! Happy July 4th/ Independance Day!!! God bless America. Ok, to get to the point of this blog, BESIDES the point that its Independance Day. I realize that you probably know what Independance Day is, its when we won a war, a BIG war, a war that made us America; Because we won that battle we are here right now, living, in America, for America. So yeah, My mom got a convertable today (rental) and so on my way up to S.D. i blasted up the radio with the roof all down and i was all like, ” HOLLA!” So that was how I celebrated my day. On the freeway, you know those bridges that are above freeways and stuff? Well for all the holidays someone always puts graffiti on it so today it said ‘God Bless America” so I thought that was pretty cool. Other than that I was pretty chill, hanging at my grandpa’s, watching movies, just hanging. So I want to know what YOU did to celebrate Independance Day. Because, i know it’s a pretty important holiday and some people do more than just set off fireworks, they do OTHER stuff…. So yeah write a comment below telling me what YOU did. Oh and I just realized that alot of people dont celebrate Independance Day… because they dont live in America….haha?…. so instead tell me what YOU did today.
See ya!