Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I wrote an essay for apart of my portfolio, but I decided not to go to the school, so I thought I might put some use to it. Here you go 🙂

Favorite Scene Essay–Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

My favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, It’s hard to say what part is my favorite scene because it has a totally epic storyline; but I would say I really liked the scene where Scott Pilgrim defeats Ramona’s final evil ex. I like it because it had awesome editing done to it(Well the whole movie did), The whole movie was basically edited like it was a comic book(the story was actually a comic book beforehand) and I thought that was pretty cool because it was a unique style that I didn’t normally find in the movie theatres. I also liked it because, Back again to, the story.

SPOILER ALERT!!!…..But I’m ashamed if you didn’t see the movie already 😉

In this scene, Scott Pilgrim was to defeat Ramona’s final evil ex. This ex was the absolute most evil out the other six. His jealousy and craving for Ramona’s love built this sense of indestructability towards Scott. They had the most epic battle in the history of battles, and Scott lost. At first I thought it was devastating, but NO. Scott used his “extra-life” to come back and redo that whole battle, first by correcting everything wrong about him, which was how he showed his feelings toward Ramona and how he answered to the final ex. By doing this, he became mentally stronger because he faced his own self (mentally AND literally), which gave him the advantage in the second round of this battle. After he defeated an evil version of himself (Which can be symbolized as so many different things, example; He is defeating all her evil exes so that HE can be her boyfriend, if he defeats himself, it’s like he’s defeating himself as an evil ex so he will not become one… OR it could mean he is defeating the negative parts of himself to become a better person to gain the advantage of total self-honesty) he gained the SWORD OF TRUTH and with it slayed the final ex with something that he would never be able to possess. With the victory of that battle he gains the heart of Ramona.

I came to accept that I would never be able to escape the dramatic/idiotic love movies as of my generation, and then I watched this movie. I favor this movie over any other love story because it actually has a great storyline following it and it actually has an awesome plot. This is not just another stupid love story that people automatically categorize as a “chick flick”, It’s a movie that anyone with a right sense of mind would enjoy!

About the editing in this movie, Its phenomenal. The editing in the movie added so much more suspense than any other movies editing would’ve. The fact that they edited like a comic book just makes it so much more attention grabbing as well, The editing really brought life to the movie, because the physical movie totally depends on amazing edits to look cool & to get the main story across. I would like to someday compare my work to the work of Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss (the editors of this movie).


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