John Wooden

Who is he?

The “Indiana Rubber man” he played varsity basketball, then after a while he decided to play for a professional basket ball team. When he quit playing basketball, he became a coach for basketball,baseball, and tennis.

Why is he so famous?

He was a coach for highschool basketball his “coaching record over 11 years, 2 at Dayton and 9 at Central, was 218–42.”-wikipedia. He is in the basketball hall of fame for both Player(in class of 1961) and coach(class of 1973), he is the first person ever to be honored winning in both categories.

How old is he?

He is 99. He was born October 14, 1910. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH!

Some of John Wooden’s quotes:

” Young people need models, not critics”

“Live as if your going to live forever, die as if your going to die tomorrow”

“Talent is god-given;be humble. Fame is man-given;be thankful. Conceit is self given; be careful”

“Ability is a poor mans wealth”

“The main ingrediant of Stardom is the rest of the team”

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment”

” Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because character is what you really are, Reputation is what others think you are”

“Dont give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you”

” Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be”

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable”



Some people go to other countries to kill people because it is part of their religion. Some times, it is for revenge, or because they want to be in control. I think another reason is because some people feel like they are not able to contribute enough to their country as they want to.

How to stop it?

Wow. Uhmm, well….. I’m not sure how, because there are so many reasons why people become terrorists… But how to defend an attack, we could use guns, and we could make most public floors with bomb detectors or a business building with a bomb detector in every room.

How does it affect our lives?

Innocent people die from terrorism. It costs the government a lot of money to rebuild destroyed places.

How has the focus of space exploration changed over the centuries?

I think the focus has gotten much larger on space exploration. The first few years we didn’t even know what they sky was, we just thought it was someone’s job to move drawings across the sky. Through time, we’ve gotten more interested. Ancient Civilizations, for example, the Mayans could make a calendar out of the stars, they could see things into the future with the stars. Now we have rocket ships, satelites, and rovers, hovering, blasting and on other planets!

Should we keep on spending money on space exploration?

In my opinion…..YES!!!!! We never know what could happen to Earth! People say there’s Global Warming, scientists say Earth’s dieing, if we could, we have to move to the moon, or another planet or SOMETHING. Not only that, that’s not REALLY why I’D pay money for it. I am obsessed with things out of my reach and space is one of them. It’s just SO COOL discovering anything we didn’t know about before, seriously, theres a HUGE universe out there!!! Why wouldn’t you want to know what’s out there? We could discover other creature/planets/galaxies!!!  That’s just SO AWESOME! Maybe somewhere in this universe, there’s creatures that the space is THEIR oxygen, the stars are THEIR sun! The only thing I am against is testing on creatures, that’s something I would not pay for. When ever I hear about something being tested, I want to spit on the ground in front of those scientists, it just disgusts me. but ANYWAYS! Yes, we should keep paying to keep exploration, its so RAD!

How does technology effect culture?

Since cellphones came out we talk and communicate differently. We talk on the phones more than we write letters. We don’t speak no propa gramma now much eitha. We dont use punctuation or spel rite. We cut off sentences or prunownce dem diffruntlee.:) Now we use cars instead of riding horseback or walking, which is slowly beating us down. For people who believe in Global Warming; technology is the cause. People who don’t have homes, the cause is technology.

Some things to help:

  • I will turn off lights when I go to bed
  • I will take shorter showers
  • I will turn off faucet while brushing my teeth
  • I will close windows while the air conditioning is on
  • I will unplug my cellphone charger from the wall while I am not using it
  • I will recycle

How am I making the world a better place?

I am making the world a better place because I don’t waste a lot of energy. Also, if my mom buys a 6 pack of soda, I cut up the plastic holes so if it gets swept to sea a seal or seagull won’t get caught in it and die. Also I recycle.

How do immigrants fromm another country assimilate into the American culture?

I will give examples of alls.

Indians and Asians probably think we really sloppy and lazy, since in their country they are used to strict rules/policies, and working hard; those things lead up to their character to being very neat and active.

Mexicans are more like us Americans. They are laid back but hardworking, not as strict but gets things done.

Africans are pretty much like us too, but they are more determined.

I don’t mean to leave anybody out if I did.

What problems do they face?

The problems all of them face is they have to learn the English language(which can be hard with all the grammar and how people use certain words how others don’t), get used to the food, learn the laws, community, clothes, school. It’s probably very hard for them.

Mexican Pesos’ are worth less than American Dollars’, SO when they come into this country they are not as rich then they were in Mexico.

Africans have to face racism. Some people don’t like that they have black skin,which in my opinion is very stupid(how people react i mean). But it is still something some have to face, though there are less racists in the world now. (: YAY.

How do smart choices affect your life?

If you make smart choices you  will achieve higher in life. You will be fit, have a good job, own a nice car.. all your smart choices lead up to a good life.

What’s good for you?

Fruits, Vegetables, meat, smoothies, and a good education.

Smart Check/Choice….to lienient?

Smart Check/Choice is far too lienient. It won’t help people who are trying to lose weight or eat healthy. Smart Check/Choice put Fruit Loops on their list of “Healthy” foods; and Fruit Loops are one of the most sugary brands of cereal there is! Im not sure this is about health anymore, it’s about marketing.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

I think this means that if you always stay in one place not trying to achieve anything in life, you’ll go downhill and be a loser.

Why do people blurt out innapropiate words in public venues?

There could be many reasons, here are a few:

They think they don’t get enough attention, and since they don’t agree with something, they feel as though  if they shout out their opinion in front of everybody, they will get more attention.

Maybe they are drunk, and they say things they should keep to them selves.

Some people, if they disagree STRONGLY on something, they get offended and want EVERYBODY know that they don’t agree.

But no matter the reason, I think that it is still rude.


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