Haven’t done this in a while… ( How to make easy W.O.W. gold !)

Hey people, haven’t blogged here in a while about world of warcraft, or anything (for that matter)
so basically im just gonna tell you how i make MY gold in world of warcraft. If you want to copy me , go ahead, it works!







So i have two 85’s i use this on, Aaquinaa & Nighttwingg , both are 525 alchemists(transmutation masters).
Aaquinaa’s second Proffession is herbalism… Nighttwingg’s second proffession is mining.

So, I use Aaquinaa to get Volatile Life’s(from Whiptail in Uldum), then make them into different volatiles needed to make truegold(alchemy- “Living elements”). Then I use Nighttwingg to farm Pyrium. This is the most cost effective way to make truegold(It’s literally FREE, besides time spent) Then you sell the truegold for bunch-o money(results vary depending your server)

IN MORE DETAIL….(if you need it)
I use Aaquinaa to farm Volatile life’s(From whiptail in Uldum)
I bargain with another fellow alchemist to give up their “Living Elements” Cooldown for 50g (usually sells for 100g or so, depending on your server, with my own mats, & it is much cheaper than just buying the volatile’s themselves)
Tell the alchemist to go to specific places, depending which type of volatile you need most:
Uldum= Volatile Air

Vashjir=Volatile Water

Mount hyjal= Volatile Fire

Deepholm= Volatile Earth

To Make truegold you need:

10 Volatile Fire

10 Volatile Water

10 Volatile Air

3 pyrium Bars.
So farm enough Volatile Life to be able to transmute 4 times(per truegold)

Once your done with collecting all the volatiles… Smelt the Pyrium ORE into Pyrium BARS…

Then make the Truegold & sell them for however much they are selling for.


Don’t undercut yourself, that hurts yourself & the W.o.W economy, you will be able to sell for the normal price, trust me.

I usually sell VIA Trade chat

1. I dont have to pay any Auction house fee

2. I usually sell more faster than Auction house will for me

3. I get my gold RIGHT AWAY. But it’s your choice which you would like to do.

And thats how i make my gold….


Glad to be back,



World Of Warcraft

Ok so i made a random post about WOW the other day and i got SO MANY comments saying to make more…. so i guess im posting more! (=

At the moment my main players are Aaquinaa and NighttWingg (as some of you may know from the previous post) and Aaquinaa is a Nightelf Druid and NighttWingg is a Nightelf Rogue. I am not obsessed with WOW so i dont level fast.. Aaquinaa is level12 now and NighttWingg is 13. (the interesting parts will come later if you want to skip this). Ok so Aaquinaa now can transform into a bear, awesome right?? and NighttWingg… well… shes just a nightelf for now (= and leveling. I am trying to get both of them to level 20 by the end of the month…

I have been traveling around more since i got Burning Crusade, and for all you noobs like me, i think you might want to read this.. of course if you are like an “expert” at WOW, your kinda wasting your time reading this because.. im only level 12!  Ok back to the point… The Draenei are the type of creature you can only get on the Alliance side if you have burning crusade… also you can unlock the Blood Elf from the Horde side. The Draenei’s land has lots of low level animals to kill, so if your character is from 1-10-ish then thats a good place for you to go. The Exodar is the first place you will come to, on one of the outsides sides of the Exodar there will be the “flight master/griffins master” whatever you guys call them and you can learn the flight route so you can fly there later in the future.

^^ If you want to know where any of the class trainers or anything is ask me in a comment and i will respond ASAP.

Heres a tip; To level faster if your a low level dranei or just a low level in draenei land… do quests, they help you level faster and you also get like… “respect” points or something… whatever they are called they help you later on.

Thats all for now, there will be more posts about world of warcraft later on!

See ya!