Haven’t done this in a while… ( How to make easy W.O.W. gold !)

Hey people, haven’t blogged here in a while about world of warcraft, or anything (for that matter)
so basically im just gonna tell you how i make MY gold in world of warcraft. If you want to copy me , go ahead, it works!







So i have two 85’s i use this on, Aaquinaa & Nighttwingg , both are 525 alchemists(transmutation masters).
Aaquinaa’s second Proffession is herbalism… Nighttwingg’s second proffession is mining.

So, I use Aaquinaa to get Volatile Life’s(from Whiptail in Uldum), then make them into different volatiles needed to make truegold(alchemy- “Living elements”). Then I use Nighttwingg to farm Pyrium. This is the most cost effective way to make truegold(It’s literally FREE, besides time spent) Then you sell the truegold for bunch-o money(results vary depending your server)

IN MORE DETAIL….(if you need it)
I use Aaquinaa to farm Volatile life’s(From whiptail in Uldum)
I bargain with another fellow alchemist to give up their “Living Elements” Cooldown for 50g (usually sells for 100g or so, depending on your server, with my own mats, & it is much cheaper than just buying the volatile’s themselves)
Tell the alchemist to go to specific places, depending which type of volatile you need most:
Uldum= Volatile Air

Vashjir=Volatile Water

Mount hyjal= Volatile Fire

Deepholm= Volatile Earth

To Make truegold you need:

10 Volatile Fire

10 Volatile Water

10 Volatile Air

3 pyrium Bars.
So farm enough Volatile Life to be able to transmute 4 times(per truegold)

Once your done with collecting all the volatiles… Smelt the Pyrium ORE into Pyrium BARS…

Then make the Truegold & sell them for however much they are selling for.


Don’t undercut yourself, that hurts yourself & the W.o.W economy, you will be able to sell for the normal price, trust me.

I usually sell VIA Trade chat

1. I dont have to pay any Auction house fee

2. I usually sell more faster than Auction house will for me

3. I get my gold RIGHT AWAY. But it’s your choice which you would like to do.

And thats how i make my gold….


Glad to be back,



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