World Of Warcraft…

Hey people! Heres yet another post on World of Warcraft. This post will be about the boats.. and yeah…

So if you have been to Auberdine, you probably have noticed the dock. There are 3 boats that stop by that dock. The one on the left goes to StormWind(if you need to get to Ironforge, take the same boat). The one on the right goes to the place where theres a pink swirly vortex that takes you to Darnassuss. The one straight down the middle takes you to the Draenei land. You have to have Burning Crusade installed to beable to go on the boat that is straight ahead.

Also another transportation method in Auberdine is the Griffins… if you dont know what those are, they are the flying eagle/dragon (depends where you are) creatures. And depending how much you have traveled and learned flight routes you can fly to places.

I am sorry for those of you who want to know about the Middle Continent, I have not unlocked that area yet so I do not have any transportation tips to get there. I will soon though. (=

Well thats all for now, come check back in for more posts!

See ya!


PS: sorry if i didnt make any sense at times it is midnight where i am and i am sooo tired! =D GOODNIGHT! GOOD AFTERNOON! GOODMORNING!

PPS: have you guys noticed i’ve been adding more pictures??? =D COLORFULNESSS!!!


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  1. That girl is just gorgeous, I mean a lot seems to think she is a fool but that’s just an act, it does require some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world. Editors Comment: Who are u tlking about?

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