HEY GUYS! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, i was busy playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I’ve been playing for the past 82 hours straight….. HAHA just kidding! But I have been on it a lot lately, ever since i got my membership back. I’ve been up all night, going to sleep the next morning playing W.O.W. I am legitly ADDICTED. I have 3 players I mainly play. The first is called Nighttwingg, She’s on the Alliance side, a Night Elf, Rogue. I got her up to level 12 and she has like 49 gold on it! IDK how i got SO MUCH gold, but i do! And she is trying to get people to sign her guild charter, so if any of you guys play WOW see if NighttWingg is on your server then message me i will most likely be online! The second one I have is named Nightwingg (so creative right?? XD LOL) ok so that one is level 11, I got a pet on it, I picked a Crab from Auberdine because that was the highest level animal that i could make to be my pet at the moment. If you guys play WOW, go to Auberdine when you are allowed to get one and go to the beach part of it, and then get the Pigmy Crab to be your pet, they are SO powerful! Im serious, if you go back to Dolanaar or Darnassuss, it will seriously PWN all the animals in the forest. That one is a Night Elf, on the Alliance Side, and is a Hunter. The third main one i use is named Aaquinaa ( I have no idea where i made up the name) and she is on the Alliance side, Is a Night Elf, and is level 9 at the moment and is a Druid. By the way, if you are going to start WOW, be a druid if your on the alliance side! THEY ARE SO AWESOME. at level 10 you can shapeshift into an animal.. and also they have healing powers and they attack with a thing called Wrath, and they are better than priests, they level kinda fast in my opinion… as long as your trying…. and thats about it… I dont think i am addicted are I ???? HAHAH i think i am.. Post a comment below about your opinion on World of Warcraft, and tell me about your players on there. Or if you have any questions about it then just ask me in a comment. (:

See ya,


PS: I think i might do a post on just world of warcraft… should I? tell me in a comment below. (:


10 Responses

  1. is wow better than club penguin

  2. Not bad, considering…check out this cthulhu flash game Editors Comment: Thanx. And yeah i’ll check it out.

  3. Nice site here man, thanks. Just can’t wait for the latest enlargement, Cataclysm. Knowing Blizzard though I wouldn’t be shocked if it came out in 2011! Editors Comment: Yeah, same here, gonna be awesome (im hoping). I’ll have more WOW posts soon. cya, Goddessmomo.

  4. Thanks for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about World of Warcraft! Your post was an huge aid. I wonder you will show more of your guides!. Editors Comment: No Problem. and yes i will post more about World Of Warcraft and other video games, just keep checking in (=

  5. No offense to WOW fans, but in my opinion, World of Warcraft is a little nerdy. I mean, Dolanaar? What the heck? Once I remember my account again I will start playing RuneScape again, and I played ROBLOX until it had a virus that infected my computer. I also thought that I’m a little too old for Webkinz, and so now, I only play NationStates and Club Penguin. Cya, peeps! Editors Comment: Umm… Dolanaar is a name of a place… and just saying in MY OPinION… WOW ttlly pwns Runescape, hahaha… but umm yeah.. thanks for ur.. comment i guess.

  6. I just think that WOW is plain weird. Simply the characters look weird. And NO, WOW is NOT better than CP (Club Penguin). Editors Comment: HAHAHA ok.. ok.. whatever you say dude… you cant really compare CP to a game like WOW they are totallly different. but whatever =D you made my day.

  7. Advantageously, the article is really the greatest on this worthw hile topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the fantasti c lucidity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business dealings! Editors Comments: Awesome. Thanks..

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