Coin Making (Club Penguin)

Hey Guys! Its me Goddessmomo.. as always (:

This post is 3 ways to make coins on clubpenguin!!!

ok the first way to make some coins is to go play Catch A Wave on the highest level and survive, or play Jet Pack and get as many coins in the sky as you can!!! The other games don’t really pay well….

THE SECOND WAY TO GET MONEY!!! Become an Agent or a Tour guide, they pay you 250 coins each about everymonth for being one of those, even if you dont do anything!

The 3rd fantastic way of gaining coins on this fabulous game is to go onto a search engine and search “Club Penguin Money Maker” click the 1st result, then click the tab labeled “money maker” download software depending on what type of computer you have, then run the software, enter in your username and password then tell it how many coins you want added to your account and it will add it! I tell you now though, if clubpenguin bans your account though because of this, not my fault, but i’ve done it plenty of times and nothing has happend to me… YET!!! dun dun dunnnnn (scary music) (:

so yes, that is all the tips i have for now on coin making for clubpenguin (: i hope this has helped you!!! Please give feedback in the comments below (:

See ya,



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