Fun things to do #3


Runescape is an online world pretty much like world of Warcraft but not as detailed as W.O.W is. Runescape is suggested for 13-17 year olds, while W.O.W is suggested for 16+. The people that play this are looking for an adventure game that includes missions, battling animals and people, and a free chat service.  You make your own character as well as name it, and you can earn money by doing quests that computer characters offer to you. With the money you can buy weapons, clothes, other utensils such as fishing poles, etcetera. As for the chatting, you can say whatever you like on it, there is no dictionary words you have to abide to. You do not have to be a member to do most things in Runescape, you would only want to be a member to go to certain places in Runescape or to do some missions, a lot of the things to do in Runescape are free. For more information on Runescape, this awesome kid is in the proccess of adding cool runescape stuff onto his site, he also has links to some other runescape contributors, so check him out!! Click HERE!!! <– ive always wanted to do that!! =]


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