Fun things to do #2

Play Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an online interactional game. It is made for child in the range of 8-11 years of age, or around those ages.  Club Penguin is basically set in Antarctica and you are a penguin(the color of your choice) waddling around having fun. If you are up to 30 days old you are able to become a secret agent and go on missions that lead to saving Club Penguin from terrible disasters. You can also become a tour guide once your penguin is 30 days old, and you can show penguins that are new to Club Penguin around the island. It is interactive so you can speak to penguins all around the world, based on what your chat is set to. If it is set to extra safe you can only use emoticons, if it is set to safe you can only chat with the Club Penguin dictionary, if it is on free chat you can speak for yourself and type out what you want to say to someone as long as it is not a cuss word.  Club Penguin is free, as long as you are not planning on buying anything for your igloo or you penguin, if you do want to become a member to do such things; you have to pay the member fee of 6 dollars a month



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