Fun things to do #1


To make a cool YouTube video, first you need to have a camera, preferably an HD camcorder. Then talk about an funny topic, or make fun of a boring topic. Make sure it is not too long, people get bored around 4-5 minutes. If you have a editing software of any type, use it, it will help your video look awesome. For example, put color in some parts of the video, make sure there are cuts in the video, or make an effect that looks awesome, but don’t overdo it too much,  that would make you look corny. You should try iMovie, its not the best, but it is free. You will catch the watchers attention if you add some music in the background, too.  When your video is done, this is what you will do.


  1. Plug your camera into your computer (you can save the video in a file if you want, it is not necessary though)
  2. Log into your Youtube account
  3. Underneath the “logout” link, there is a yellow button that says “upload”….CLICK THE YELLOW BUTTON
  4. It will lead you to a page that has ANOTHER yellow button saying “upload”…. CLICK THE BUTTON!!
  5. A window will pop up, click the file of which the video is saved under or click the place where your camera is plugged in, find the video file, and double click it.
  6. It will start to upload, while you are waiting fill the information out underneath the loading bar. Then when it is done loading, and the information is filled out, click the button that says “save changes”

AND YOU’RE DONE!! You can now view your video on your channel as well as many other YouTubers.


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  1. Thanks a bunch! That was really informational, I just bookmarked your url. Editors Comment: no problem

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