Ok, so I have heard from many friends  that Stephanie Meyer is making another Twilight, but in Edwards point of view. But guess what!!! Someone blabbed out what it was going to be about, so Stepanie Meyer decided NOT to write the book. Well that is what she said herself, BUT is that just something for us to think about??What if that was just a publicity act so she gets higher on the popularity rank??? What if she is still writing the book, and she wants us to be more surprised when she publishes the book so we will buy it??? A lot of things are confusing, and this is one of them. Why would she just stop writing a book when she got so far on it??? Please write a comment  below on what you think about this.




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  1. Hey Mo mo which book are you talking about — i thought she already wrote 4 books … i havent read any of them so i dont know which book you mean.editors comment: she was going to make another book of the 1st book but in edward cullens point of view, but someone blabbed out what the ending was about so she decided not to write it 😛

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