Hey peoples! I am going to write a article for a teens magazine, and i need some ideas. If you could please leave a comment on what it should be about, that would help me A LOT!!!



See ya,


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  1. How about a research on teenage life at different regions of the world? 😛
    I can help you… when it comes to the teenagers here in South Asia 😛


    • Ok thx, that is a good topic, when i get my tools and stuff i will remember to come to you

    • Ok, so can you tell me a few things about the teenagers in South Asia? Like their lifestyle and how they entertain themselves? THANX SO MUCH!!!! I will give you credit for the information you give me 😀 Thx. -goddessmomo

  2. Thank you for you post, see you then. What you wrote is great advice any way that you look at it. Editors Comment: no, thank YOU! [= <—ahaha i always wanted to say that (= =P

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