Club Penguin Money Hack

Hey people! For those of you who want LOTS of money on Club Penguin and you don’t want to play a whole bunch of games for it, follow these steps!

1. type in Club Penguin Money Maker into google

2. click the URL with clubpenguinhq in it 

3.Click the tab of which it says money maker.

4.Then Download.

5.After the downloading process open it up and sign in.

6.After you sign in go to a quiet server.

7.When you are in a quiet server scroll up and down to see which amount of money you want.

CAUTION!!!you can use money maker as many times as you want! :mrgreen:


Hope this helps you!!!!

See ya,



5 Responses

  1. uhhh…isnt haking inapproapiate?editors comment: Well some people have their ways and other people have theirs.. so it is 2 some people, for me, no.But you are entitled to your own opinion

  2. go there editors comment: Yeah, that was a cool site.

  3. thanks for the money maker site it really helped 🙂 editors comment: No problem! Thats what i’m here for, im starting to blog about Clubpenguin once again, so you can check out other clubpenguin posts on the clubpenguin page!

  4. Whats up you should create a blog about the best 4 ways to make coins on club penguin

    • Editors : Thats a good idea, i might just do that (: thanks. oh by the way, just between you and me, type in clubpenguin moneymaker into google and click the link and download it, then give them ur clubpenguin info and they will add however many coins u want!! pretty tite, huh? (:

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