Christmas time is here!!!

HEY people! I celebrate christmas so i will be talking about christmas! For those who celebrate the other religions, HAPPY CHANNUKAH!!!! HAPPY KWANZA!!!! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! So I dont mean to brag or anything, because my family is not that rich and this like never ever happens but this christmas i ended up getting exactly 400$. WOW! 4 of my family members gave me 25$ visa giftcards, my dad gave me a 100$ mastercard giftcard, and my grandpa gave me 2 100$ visa giftcards! I am surprised! I really dont mean to brag or nutin!!! I promise. This might interest you twilight fans out there. I got the 3rd and 4th book in the series. I am finishing up the 2nd book and i am sooooooo happy because, the books i got were handmedowns and yeah! So now i have my OWN hardcover TWILIGHT BOOKS!!!! 🙂 I am soo excited! FYI i am at the part where bella saved edward from revealing himself as a vampire to get killed, chapter 21. Please leave comments about the 1st and 2nd book! I would love to hear your opinions about them!!! Please dont talk about the 3rd and 4th cuz i really wanna read it myself!!! You girls out there that dont like reading, most of you will love the twilight series!!! It is a great series of books! Stephanie Meyer is the most extraordinary author born to earth. Oh i thought this was pretty funny! My dad got me a bobbyjack jacket and on the front it says Save the Earth(cuz im an earth freak) and on the back it says Because it is the only Planet with chocolate!! HAHAHA funny…So yeah…. OH!!!! I might have told you before but Stephanie Meyer is making another twilight in EDWARDS POINT OF VIEW!!!! I hope she makes a whole series again in edwards point of view, then alices, and rosalies, then the rest. The most i would like to read about in their points of views, are edward, carlisle, and alice! OK so yeah. tHE SECOND BOOK in edwards point of view, AHHH I HAVE A WHOLE INSIDE OF ME TOO!!! BUT NOT OF PAIN!!! OF WANTINGNESS!!! Its such an awesome feeling… The guy that played Jacob Black in the movie might get fired with this guy that is UGLY!!! ugh, you can’t just trade characters in a movie series like that!!! It ruins everything…. Well this is a lond entry so i will end it with… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

rock on,



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