MG twilight was awesome!!!!! The effects could of been better but it was still totally cool!!! In the begging Edward wasn’t that emotional but torwards the middle and end it got better…. So if you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you to GO SEE IIT NOW!!!!! Its an awesome movie, and if your looking for a book to read and you haven’t read the twilight series you should read the twilight series!!! Oh!!! This is soo inportant to twilight fans!I foun dthis out and its such an exclusive… well i know something most twilight lovers dont know! So guess what Stephanie Meyers is making a Twilight again but… this is the catch…. It is in edwards point of view!!!! I don’t know if I was suppose to tell you that but… I DID!!!I soo want to read it, like when he was sucking the venom out of bella hand!!! OMG!! I want to know his opinion on everything!! It’s like I will read his mind through out the whole book(s)!!!!!! So I’nm gonna go make a twilight theme birthday party plan now!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya,



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