Too many celebs!

Hey its me goddessmomo! I just wanted to make a shout out that america has too many celebrities!! Come on, look we have like 10 disney singers, 5-10 nickolodean singers, AND A BILLION SINGERS LIKE jordan pruitt, jordan sparks, rihanna, beyonce, and on and on and on. Hey OBAMA is even a celebrity!!! umm.. i got that from a youtube vid……. so yeah!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!CELEBRITIES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……HA……ha?…….*cough cough cough*…… sorry i had a little spazz attack…. So umm….. im gonna go to bed now.. BYE!!!!

See ya,


PS:I will write about TWILIGHT 2morrow after i see the movie!!! I read the book too!!! IT IS SOO EXCITING!!!! YOU PROBABLY DONT CARE THOUGH!!! SO BYE!!!!


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