Me and 2 other girls were spys that had secret braclets so we could tell apart from the spys or the posers. We were trying to keep away secret coins from the joker that was hiding under a secret futuristic bridge. Jazi took them and gave them to the joker. Since we failed that mission, we had to work up our score by doing another mission. We went to Extended Day and got frozen apple juice and put it inside, we sat down in group time and when it melted we took a turkey sandwich and left. We had to come back with frozen juice and it melted right away once we got in group time so they were all ” Monique and Elly, so your trying to sneak in? your not even suppose to be here, how old are you monique, 9, yeah,*laughs* your not suppose to be here” So we grabbed a turkey sandwich and left. We got in a bus and tried to go home, but the bus driver said that I could drive so i accidently crashed the bus and it flipped upside down. Me and Elly jumped out the bus and Elly and I went different directions. I was crossing the street then a truck came and almost ran me over but i flipped through the air and landed on the sidewalk, then someone threw something at me, so I jumped up and did a backflip through the sky. News reporters started bursting out talking about how I dodged a speeding truck and how i did that triple flip through the air. i thought they were trying to arrest me but they were just trying to ask questions. I escaped with questions surrounding me, to the jewel place where we spies were suppose to meet, they relieved me from my job of spying, when that happend everyone was being rude and mean to me. They said that I wouldn’t know any more cool awesome missions , trying to make me beg or something but I just said ” okay”. Walking away, Then the bus driver was my friend cuz she was impressed with my skills, she spotted their plan paper on the table next to them, We flipped it open to take a look, we knew exactly what we needed to do so they would not do it. We were super secret spies, me and the fat bus driver. I went to extended day rushing with my suitcase for some reason, i entered and there was a speed bumped, so i bumped over it, I saw Kayvon ( another spy) trying to take a bowl with cheese in it, I was trying to take it away when I was stopped by veronica, I went inside and then everyone popped in, I was telling Veronica they were all being rude and mean then they cut me off with ” Your such a baby!” And while i was trying to talk they were all sneering at me and grumbling, they all were making fun of me, even my best friends except Yvonne and Haley. We went out and I played with Yvonne, Veronika was talking about the cheese winner please come up, Kayvon and his other spy friend were going to show their cheese omdel that DIDN’T win, when the phone rang, Kayvon picked it up then the real cheese sculpture winner came through the door, It was a cheese sculpted airplane! He said that we could keep it until he was out of jail. Then for some reason we went back in time and Kayvon got of the phone early so he lied to everyone about his cheese sculpture, I was screaming LIAR over and over again, i guess that the only person that heard me was Yvonne, then the real cheese winner told me, ” dont say that, remeber what we agreed with Veronika?” I dont know what he was talking about but I stopped. Once I got out of the bathroom, I saw Kayvon, then I started saying Liar liar liar to him until I woke up.

It was an AWESOME DREAM!!!!! But when the kids were all mean and rude, it felt really real, not dream real, but really real. It was wierd but it was soooo awesome. Oh and i forgot, when we were going to the jewel place, me and the bus driver went through this portal that made our hair all wierd, mine was all poofy and hers was white and sticking up, I brushed mine down though before I went to Extended Day, I have a feeling that she went to a fashion show or something, but heres the AWESOME ADVENTUROUS SPY DREAM….. It ends out that I was the real spy.

See ya,



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