Randomness with goddessmomo



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  1. humpth verry random in deededitors comment: YES YES YES!!!

  2. Congrats Goddessmomo! You have just excelled in the wolrd of randomness. The elephant and rhino thing is going to give me nightmares though. Sushi is delicious! It’s the best dead fish meal ever (Except for Fish and Chips at the Angry Trout, Grand Marais.)! The puppy is cute. Do you get this all randomly on Google images? And what is that ice cream thing with blueberries? It looks yummy. Do you own that lego thing, it’s cool!editors comment: Lol, sorry i haven’t been on lately. I wish it was mine, but sadly i get them all from google images, but i can make some and take pics. the thing with blueberries tastes horrible, it is icecream from pinkberry, the most horrible icecream factory in the world.

  3. It was an awesome post, really! =D I loved the blue-berries and ice-cream! =P editors comment: thats from a place called pink berry, theysay they are the icecream of the future, if thats true i don’t think i or any other regular person would eat icecream in the future

  4. Wow… I didn’t know this *frown*… and yeah… I agree… (:editors comment:….. im confused. HHAHAHA, thx for the comment though!

  5. I didn’t know of the place called Pink Berry… Really 😛
    (:editors comment: Oh hhaah, well ya, I personally dont like the icecream, to me it tastes like plastic 😛

  6. I hope I get to eat it someday…
    Just for the sake of eating an ice-cream that tastes like plastic 😛Editors comment: Hahaha, ok then, hope you get the chance then too! haha :mrgreen:

  7. love the first one! editors comment: :mrgreen: ahha thanks!

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