Hey peoples, so, I am at the Cyber Cafe, typing this post, its like a cafe with snacks and computers, its cool, the only problem is that im not really suppose to be in the computer room but the person that is working here says she doesnt really care. So I am gonna talk about food. I had doritos (nacho cheese) and a orange soda, It was a very good unhealthy snack. My friend Elly is having doritos too, yum yum yum. You know  what? They are selling medicine here now, over the counter medicine, like tylonal and stuff like that.  Its kinda dangerous cuz someone can overdose themselves but whatever. If I had a headache while I was playing I would feel…. BIG AND STRONG AGAIN!!! HA!! Okay, so now, I talked about food, now i wanna know how many people play mileyoworld and if they like it or not. I finished with the Clubpenguin vs. webkinz chart so you will see a graph up soon, deadline right now, no more votes. Sorry.

See ya,



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