UGH!!!! I HATE the new wordpress format!!!

Ok, Three reasons why I hate the new wordpress format.

1. I cant edit comments anymore!!!! Now I cant reply to your comments!

2. I dont know how to work anything anymore! I dont even now how to get to my blog stats and stuff!

3. Its annoying! Everything all up in your face its just… UGH!!!…. so ….. bunched up! Jeeze! Why did they change it anyway!

Oh I have one more…..


Oh another one

I dont have my tags anymore! I have to write a tag each and every time!!!!!!! Oh now they show me!!! When I am already typing in new ones!!!! Ugh! I want the old wordpress back!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 HOW DO I SEND! I DONT KNOW HOW TO SEND!!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!! Oh theres the button.

Have fun with the confusing format!



6 Responses

  1. Most everything’s still there, just takes a little getting used to the rearrangement.
    1. Edit comments: while on your Dashboard, go to “Comments”, click on the name (names are in blue) and it opens up so you can edit all you want.
    2. Stats are abbreviated on the dashboard. Just click “See all” on the right side, and you’ll see the daily stats as before the change. Or, you can just click “Blog stats” at the top of the Dashboard page.
    3. Once you get used to 1 and 2, it may get better for you (hopefully).
    Tags are still a bit annoying, I agree. I guess that proves there’s always room for improvement. But, maybe in a future upgrade, we’ll get some help there. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to leave a comment to the powers that be at WP.
    Hope that helps and good luck! 🙂editors comment: Oh thanks!

  2. It took me forever to find my blogroll, 😆 I’ve got it mastered, now.editors comment: Same here

  3. incurvature wageworking sadr tributyrin hatchminder rhamphotheca miraculize tinkerly
    editors comment: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!! 😦 😦 LOL

  4. incurvature wageworking sadr tributyrin hatchminder rhamphotheca miraculize tinkerly
    editors comment: KK, I dont know what your saying but okay!

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