New kid of the month

Ok peoples!

This is going to be a hard decision, but it has to be made! Who is going to be April’s kid of the month!!!! I have some ideas so far

1. Kodiak

ok maybe just one!

If you want to be kid of the month of this month then leave a comment…. Please.

See ya,



7 Responses

  1. Thats funny. If he wins (which I hope he does) It will be the second winner from my blog, since he deleted his old one ( and now only posts on my blog. Hence the catogory “Kodiak56 smells good”, which he created 😆 Anyways,editors comment: Wow that is crazy complicated to follow but i got it.

  2. Ummm sadly I can’t post pics so there wouldn’t be any souvineirs. I’m not really worthy because I don’t post as much. Pick Pokesav or Lance. Or maybe Howchat.editors comment: See you are worthy, to be worthy, you are not shy to pronounce you arent worthy. Plus I don’t know those kids, they never come to my site. Trust me if we can find any pics there will still be other souveniers like the crossword and stuff. Trust me… You won.. u have to have souveniers!

  3. Thats alright Kodiak! If you win (which you should) I’ll post a pic of you on my site and godessmomo can create some out of that! Besides, Pokesav, Lance1243, and How Chat have never been to this site, and probably never will. You should win!editors comment: I support that, Its alright, I can use your avatar maybe, I will try to find some pics though… u know why… YOU WON!!!

  4. Pick me! lol
    I vote for Kodiak56!!

    Keep the cool!
    Comment back at
    editors comment: I have a winner!!! Kodiak!!!!

  5. now kid its supposed to be penguin
    nice site!!!
    ~cpmac~editors comment: Well, I meant kid because not everyone knows about CP. Thanks!

  6. Thanks Guineapig, you’re a true friend! 🙂editors comment: Thats why I selected him last time as kid of the month. :mrgreen:

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    and plz add me to your blogroll!editors comment: hey, read my post about how to become popular, it might help u out.

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