March Kid of the Month


Guineapig119!! green-guinea.jpg

Guineapig119 didnt win this award just because he comes to my site practically every day, and participates in everything. You may have heard this many times but he is a CREATIVE KID. Here are some examples.

Guineapig119 makes funny pics.

funny-pic.jpg funny-pic-2.jpg


He doesnt keep you waiting, he tells all about himself.


Hi, i’m Guineapig119, as you know, penguin on Club Penguin. My favorite server is Toboggan, but I also go to Mammoth or Frozen. My buddy list is not full, so if you tell me “I AM A GUINEAPIG” I will add you, or, if you leave lots of comments on my site, I will add you anyway. To get on my blogroll is pretty easy, all you need to do is have a cool site and have me on your blogroll. I will probably add you. I am a boy.
He makes fun stuff. He makes activities in pictures so you can find what is wrong about it. It keeps you entertained.
a picture is worth 1,000 words and a person is worth even more, and a penguin WOW way way more. So I cant include anymore, I will be on for about 34 hours more!
See ya,
PS: If you want to be kid of the month next month then write a comment about yourself.
PPS: if you want to know more about guineapig119 go to his website at

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  1. Thanks, godessmomo! I can’t thank you enough!editors comment: your welcome

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