I see you guys like Iguannas, most of you are finding me under iguannas.Here are some info about iguannas. Don’t EVER just feed your iguanna only lettuce or leaves. give him/her a variety of foods, they like dandilions, and crickets. I give you a tip, If you are going to feed him crickets, dont feed him that all the time, he will get aggressive and start biting and wipping you. You can go to the vet and ask for an iguanna food list, they will give you some tips on how to feed your iguanna.  If you want some more info go to this site. CLICKY!


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  1. Thats funny you are posting about iguanas, because I am going to get a pet iguana soon!editors comment: Cool, I LOVE iguannas, I had one as a pet, so I want to give a heads up to people who have or are going to have pet iguannas because mine died because nobody told me what else to feed him but lettuce. When there was really no hope for hi, the vet told me to feed it other things like dandilions. So I suggest,dont listen to the people at Petco and stuff, go to a vet for some tips.

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