Peoples! Guess what! My friend Josh made a new card game named Beasts,. It is the short of card game like Yu-Gi_oh but much more fun and WAY easier to get. So I am helping him publish it, I was wondering if you guys could tell me what your favorite animal is and what you would morph it into to make it look rad. It would really help….ALOT! So you will probably see Beasts in stores probably at max 1 year, in min probably a few months.




4 Responses

  1. An iron guineapig with big iron buckteeth????editors comment: WHAT!?? What are you even looking at? I NEVER write about Guineapigs. But the sight of that may be pretty funny. 🙂

  2. I meant for a card.

  3. I like penguins, obviously, but make the penguin half robot. But Unicorns have more manliness to them. Oh mix a Unicorn with a rhino! That would look cool! Can there be a super rainbow card that makes cupcakes? Or how about an anteater with long, buff legs and an utter?editors comment: Thanks for your input! You will see on commercials and on the cards if yours got picked. Hint hint: They probably will.

  4. who created this card game what id buty and the breast make it?????????????????????????????editors comment: Hey! The person who made beasts is a creative kid named Josh. He gave up the card collection to me, so i plan to go wide with the game. I can’t understand the last part so please re write it in another comment.

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