Ok, I am most like the planet Uranus!

I took a “what planet are you” quiz and it said I am Uranus! The last question was “what would be the coolest way dieing” and the 4 things you could pick were a. being blasted out into space b. being drowned in chocolate pudding c. peeing on an electrical fence d. sky diving without a parachute. or e. walking the plank, pirate style, and being eaten by sharks.

I was thinking, the coolest is the funniest. So I picked c. my second answer would be a. then b. and finally e. I would definitly not want to be eaten by sharks. OWW!
So here is my badge.

There you go, this means:
Uranus, You are Uranus. Named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky, Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third-largest and fourth-most massive planet in the solar system. Uranus is 14 times the mass of the Earth. Uranus is also gaseous, consisting primarily of very dense gas. Like the other gas planets, Uranus has rings. Uranus is massive and gaseous with rings around it.

well if you cant see it, you shouldnt mind. go on yourself and earn yourself a badge, you dont need to look at mine to be enjoyed, go get your own.

See ya,


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