Dumb Test


Oh here is another badge I got from taking the dumb blonde test.
Cool Tests for Kids

Hey I will tell you what they all mean l8er. Ok here is another test i took. It is the crazy test.
Cool Kid Stuff

You can never get too many badges! the dork, loser, nerd quiz, which m I you will have to find out!
Kid Stuff
Stupid Kid Stuff

Ok that is enough badges to show offf in one day, maybe I will show you ore some other time. Okay I will tell you what they all mean, well what MY badges mean of course.

Dumb test badge means: well it shows it in th badge.

dumb blonde test means:

Dumb Bubbly Blonde You’re a bit ditzy, yes, but you’d be the first to admit it! You’ve got a happy-go-lucky attitude and you find the whole “dumb blonde” stereotype kind of silly and are kind of proud of it!! Woo-hoo! Go! Blondes! Go!…oh, no! Wait…I didn’t mean go! Come back! well that is their def. for it. I am not a blonde but if I was i would be a bubbly blonde? ROFL!

The crazy test badge means:

A.D.D. You have Attention Deficit Dis–um, hello!? Are you even reading this anymore? Yoo-hoo!? Hey! Look at this…shiny object…you like that right? That’s right…Look at the–hey! Stop that! Look, your nose is on your FACE, you can’t *chase it*. It doesn’t work that way…oh forget it. to let you know, I dont have ADD but sometimes I act like it. Not to be funny, but if I havetoo much sugar then I will act like it.Like at my Catalina camp, I had 2 slices of cake and I went COO COO COO COO.

The lucky quiz badge means:

Three-Leaf Clover Fate and facts equally rule my soul. okay that is not cool! That is nothing like me. I nver think about fate unless someone or something(TV) brings it up,and that is really rare because I told most of my family that I dont like those conversations or that word.

Now the loser, nerd, geek, dork quiz badge means:

Dork Uh oh… you’re a DORK! Your kind is pretty much socially inept. You also tend to be unattractive, so you don’t even have that going for you. And to make matters worse, you don’t think you’re a dork. But trust me, you are. Also, it wouldn’t kill you to shower more often. Okay just to tell you, I DO NOT SMELL! And I am glad I am un-attractiv because I dont want to attract the NERDS torward me, YEAH I SAID IT “NERDS”!

That is pratically it,

See ya,

Have fun taking quizzes!


PS: the website name is www.quizrocket.com

PPS: for some wierd reason my e key isnt working so I always have to re press it so If you see a e mistake, ignore it and please keep reading.

PPPS: Hey you cant see the badges but tomarrow Iwill put on th pics, I need to go to bed andi just realized that you couldnt see the badges. SORRY! ROFL! :0

3 Responses

  1. […] I got from taking the dumb blonde test. … dumb test badge means: well it shows it in th badge. …https://goddessmomo.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/take-the-dumb-test/The Dumb TestHow dumb are you? You&aposre probably dumb and you don&apost even know it!! test your […] editors comment: OMG you are the people from….. OMG!!!!… like OMG!!!!! I am soo dumb!….. like omg!!!!

  2. Hi

    Dumb tests – man! I did it and got 90% dumb! Who can get 100? I will try again.
    So do you like otehr types of tests? I am a big fan of personality tests

    Anyway nice post..

    Barbaraeditors comment:lol i like the closing! :mrgreen:

  3. this website is gay.. hahalol losers…:Deditors comment: ehh.. not the best is it.. what would make it better?

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