lab meeting

Ok, right now, I am at my moms lab meeting because I missed school today. The guy that is presenting it is really stressed I can tell. His presentation is so messed up it is funny. His face is turning red! He had a graph thatshowed about a certain tone like music, and he wanted us to say which one had a random tone and which had a simular tone and the tunes were all messed up! The random tune was where the simular tone was suppose to be and the simular tone was where the random was suppose to be. (He professor right now is trying to tell him that somthing doesn’t make sense and his nose is turning red! He is so confident for his messed up presentation. I’m not critizing him, it is funny!

Gotta listen to somemore tunes,

See ya,

Ps: the professor just told him that the minor sounded like the major tune! Omg! That was hysterical. I think that is the right word. Oh and take on this, he said that minor tunes are major! Hahaha! 🙂 :mrgreen:


2 Responses

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    editors comment: Ok, I copied the site address to go to it, but why do you want me to go to it so bad?

  2. 😆editors comment: (wrapper) (m) :mrgreen:

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