Webkinz Vs. Clubpenguin graph results!

So here are the graph results for which website is better, Clubpenguin or Webkinz. I personally like webkinz but I like clubpenguin too. Remember if you dont like any please just vote neither, if you like both vote both. Dont be embarrassed to share what you like, if you want me to, I moderate my comments so before everyone sees them I do, so write a little note that says you dont want to show your vot on this coment and I will erase your vote.

Webkinz: 3

Clubpenguin: 2


Both: 1

 Well only 3 people,INCLUDING MYSELF. People get active and vote more, you can only vote 1 time each person.

Happy voting!


PS: After you vote for this poll you can vote for the presidential poll


8 Responses

  1. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]editors comment: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!Wait am I paying you for this???

  2. Webkinz is bettereditors comment: Thanks, I will put your vote in. :mrgreen:

  3. i love webkinzeditors comment: thanks, I will put your vote in. :mrgreen:

  4. i like webkinz more because on clubpenguin you have to be a member editors comment: thanx I will put your vote in.

  5. CLUBPENGUIN FOR LIFE editors comment: Thanks for the input

  6. ya sure some events on club penguin but there are parties pets and new ones come out so club penguin bests wekinzs by far Editors Comment: Thank you for your comment.

    • club penguin you can have fun member or not with backronds hidden pins secret places Editors Comment: Ok.. uhmm.. well thank you for commenting but this post was posted like a year ago and the graph is already done so sadly i will not beable to add your vote in =P

  7. I just love club penguin because you can type words when you are or not a member but webkinz you just have to choose phrases. Editors Comment: Haha yeah & they made a bigger word dictionary now then they had a few years ago 🙂

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