Candidate Vs. Candidate

Hey peoples! For the people who already voted for the Webkinz Vs. Clubpenguin graph, here is a new graph based on elections. You get to pick between 4 candidates which would you vote for, but sincewe are “kids” we cant vote for some unlogical reason! I will talk to you about that l8r. And those candidates are…..

Who votes:

Barrack Obama: 1 2

Hillary Clinton:

John McCain:

John Edwards:

Two Johns it’s hard to choose! :mrgreen: Too bad you cant pick two! Remember folks it is like the real election so I will erase your vote from your comment because you cant tell anyone who you are voting for before or during the election.

See ya,


PS:  I am stuck between Barrack and Mccain! :mrgreen: SO I just voted for McCain because if Obama has a bigger sturdier plan that he works on for 4 years he will beable to run America more and then it’s likely for him to get chosen again. Also, I like McCain. Hillary Clinton is alright but she is just out of it, she needs to look more alive! And I just dont know John Edwards, I will look him up though and give you backround info for all of them.


One Response

  1. I vote for Barrack! McCain creeps me out……editors comment: thanx, I will put your vote in. McCain kinda looks like the actor in cheaper by the dozen.

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