How to walk on the lighthouse lightbulb

People it is not possible. There is a rumor going around that you can, DON’T BE FOOLED!! You can try these steps but it wont work, if it does great. There is a kid on Youtube that showed you a video of how to do it and it didnt even work then, and he was showing it to thousands of people. You might have saw a video that the penguin actually walked on the lightbulb and say Oh I can do that and it will work, there is something called editing. I am not saying it is not possible, I am saying you cannot walk on the lightbulb without some fancy software. The Walt Disneyco. might change that later but for now i have to tell you something, some people want to tell you lies so that you will try to do something not possible to waste your time. Hey peoples, I want to let you know, I meant that you have to do some super secret stuff to do that glitch, it is possible, you just have to know how.

See ya,



One Response

    It doesn’t work for everyone.
    Trust me, it’s possible, but it don’t work for everyone.editors comment: I know, I meant that you can do it but you have to know how to.

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