Hey Check this kid out!

Hey peoples!

This is Goddessmomo and I have some awesome kids in line for “Check this kid out!”

I picked this person because he is very creative with his CP webshows that YOU can see on You Tube. And the super kid this time is… Drum roll please…… HEATBLAST227!

Here is one of his cool webcasts.

Hope you enjoyed the show!

You can see more heatblast227 videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/Heatblast227

See ya,


PS: If you want to be the kid on Check this kid out then just leave a comment of your username and what you want me to tell about you. for example: Hi Goddessmomo! I want to be on Check this kid out. My username is JoeybobMcbob and I want everyone to know that I broke the world record for the biggest snot bubble! Or anything like that. How gross it is or how awesome it is I promise you that it will be on my site soon.


2 Responses

  1. Thats really cool. Lots of awesome edits. Maybe i’ll make one like that someday………..editors comment: R u talking about Check this kid out or your pics? Anyway both of them rock!

  2. MY USERNAME IS GUINEAPIG119 AND I MADE THE FUNNIEST FUNNY PICTURE!!!!!!! And one of the coolest Funny Pictures also. Oh just check em out and decide which ones you like!!!!
    ~Guineapig119editors comment: Cool I will check it out! :mrgreen:

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