Hey peoples!

I have been looking at my blog stats and I am very impressed. I see that you guys like my CP posts. I will keep up with my CP posts and also every week one of my animals will write to you guys. Last week Smokey my webkinz bear talked to you about friendship. I cant tell you  who is next to talk or what they are going to talk about, but that is because it is a suprise. Keep on channeling in to see whats new!

See ya,



One Response

  1. I REALLY don’t like Miley Cyrus. She sucks at singing and acting. Plus my sister makes me listen to her in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! Hellllllllpppp!!!!!
    I like “Weird Al” Yankovic! :mrgreen:
    ~Guineapig119editors comment: Alright, I know how you feel. MY sister makes me listen to JESSE MCARTNEY EVERY morning the song “Beautiful Soul” because she has a tooth tunes toothbrush!!! Geese, he is really a bad singer. 😦

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