Hi peoples,

I have a webkinz named Smokey and he will talk to you about friendship.

Smokey on Friendship:

hi everyone.  it is good to have friends  because if you didnt then you would have nobody to rely on, lets say you didnt know how to play soccer and you reaLLY  wanted to know how, if you hAV E a friend then that friend could teach you. or if at lunch you were lonely or bored your friend could play with you. a friend is someone who you can trust and someone who can cheer you up when you are sad. i have a really good friend nicknamed vanilla and i can tell him anything and once i was bored in my village and he camed down and invited me to his house  and we played “chef in the kitchen”.  

And that was Smokey on Friendship.

See ya,



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  1. What The…………?!?!?!editors comment: He is my webkinz and I named him smokey like the bear who prevents wild fires

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