Hey Peoples,

Are you tired of spending your vacation days at home or some wierd resort you think is more like a motel? Well if you do think that then you would want to go to this sweet site for a Maui Vacation Rental. The Maui Escape resort is on a beach in Maui. They have room service, tennis courts, and well……. I cant name it all so go to see more about this rad Wailea Beach Villa and look through all the pages to find all the cool features. I think they even have a huge spa! Oh, You have more than 2,200 ft. of living space! See ya at the resort. If you dont want to go to the site then call 1-877-625-3621.It’s an awesome place to go and your parents might hug the heck out of you if you help them when they are trying to plan a cool Hawaii vacation. Also, when your whole family is planning a trip this is the first place you SHOULD want to go to. I Mean c’mon it’s huge – it sleeps 6 – 8 people and they have flat screen TVs. Super duper nice bathrooms with 1 shower and a separate tub to soak in… Just bring your Wii and give mom some cash to so she’ll be at the spa all day. Then make sure your dad brings his golf clubs so he’ll leave too – and WHAMO!! you got Wii playtime in Maui on the beach –YEAH now thats kid paradise.



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