Creative kids out there! I have a contest that needs Creative kids that like to write or type.

I want you to make a story and then send it to me at then I will pick 2 stories that I like best and they will be posted up on my website. ALSO……. The grand winner will be put on the Kid of the Month page with their avatar posted up and a bit about them.

BUT……. The story has to start with these lines, you can change it up a bit, My Aunt came home with a HUGE box. There was creepy sounds coming from inside it, she said it was for ME!  The winner will recieve what is in the above paragraph. Remember, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will recieve their avatar and a bit about them on the KID OF THE MONTH page! 

SO…… If you want to join this contest, start typing then send it to me at




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  1. plz visit my website 🙂 Editors Comment: Hey Iceyflake31! Sure I’ll visit your site but you have to one thing for me. Advertise this website then I will put you on my blogroll.

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