Hot Cheetos Burnin’

Hey peoples! I just tried an experiment and I stuffed as many hot cheetos in my mouth as I could till my face turned red and It took 5 hot cheetos to make my face red. It is still burning a little and I stuffed my mouth around 10 minutes ago. If this happens to you then get an Ice cube and stuff it in your mouth. IT WORKS. My sister tried to and told me to tell her when her face was red. So she kept stuffing her mouth with hot cheetos, it took her about 5 minutes to grab the cup of water. I told her that She gave me an Idea.

Dialoge Form:

ME: Hey Desi you gave me an Idea

HER: I did?
ME: YA! Since your face was red 4 minutes ago….

HER: (Mad face) 😦

ME: We should make a video about what just happend right now and we could put it on youtube and my website.

HER: YA! 🙂

ME: GREAT! How should it go?

HER: I keep asking “Is my face turned red” and you say”no” and you quickly show the camera your crossed fingers………….


SO after she grabbed the water I popped an ice cube in my mouth then hers.

See Ya,


PS: If you make a video of something funny(comedy) download it and email it to me so I will show viewers that come to my site.


One Response

  1. I love hot cheeeeettoos . ..!! 🙂 Editors Comment: yahh mee too! i love the tasteee hate the spiciness 😦 😀 !!

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