My grandmother said that at new years you should ” Sweep out the old and sweep in the new”. SO…Here are some NEW facts thst we didnt know until the very ending of the year of 2007. Can you believe that its 2008 already! I really think it should be 2001, days go by fast when your having fun! OK back to the facts.

There is this one website I found on the reddit website so I’ll give you some facts but you have to go to the site to find more. Click HERE if you want to go to the site.

” 1. Did you know that peanuts can be turned into DIAMONDS!!   2.Cats can be police constables.                                                         3.King Tut had buck teeth.                                                                4.Deep voiced men have more children.                                         5.Dinosaurs had creches.                                                                       6.Bees can detect explosives.                                                                 7.There have been at least two children given the name “Superman” in the UK since 1984.                                                   8.Dogs can have two noses.                                                                 9.IP addresses will run out in 2010.                                                 10.The brain can turn down its ability to see in order to listen to complex sounds like music.”

Well if you want more there is 90 more on the website so if you didn’t already Click HERE up there the Click HERE.

So how many HERE’s are THERE?

See ya,


PS: If you want to do something that is Creative and fun for a Kid that can help me contact me with a post but tell me what the post is about or I  would just get confused.


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