Check this Creative KID OUT!

The kid sasuke5565 logged onto Rockhopper and DID NOT get sent out. He wrote to me ” His headquarters are so cool! I cant believe they didnt ban me!” So if you want any more info then go to his website, Search: sasuke5565 on wordpress and you will find him.

See ya,



2 Responses

  1. go to and if you don’t want a penguin anymore then go to the page “Give a Penguin” all you have to do is say a comment that says the penguin’s username and password.

  2. WHT IS ROCKHOPPER PASWORD?Editors Comment: Hi Kimberly, thank you for coming to my site! The Rockhoppers password is anything you want it to be, I put fghdgfuibvuir and it worked, sometimes you can log all the way in and check out his HQ! But sometimes it says your banned forever but your really not. Well come again! Goddessmomo 🙂

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