NEW Clubpenguin Glitch

If you are a member and you want some “super cool” items for your igloo then read on.

When you go to your igloo click edit and go to furniture catolouge. When you reach the cash register, click on the money sign. You will know see a moose head you can hang on your wall. $2000, great for a tent igloo.

In the plant aisle, you will see a ficus tree. When you click on the trunk you will find a hidden item. Kind of like the item above. Mullet. You know, the big, huge, gigatic fish at the end of ice fishing. Some people can catch that thing if they save an extra fish. Well someone caught Mullet and is putting him on sale. $600 great for the fish bowl igloo.

In the clearance pages. The Fire pit might burn this item by Jan. if you dont save it soon. The secret item is burnable and flamable. The Candelabra is kinda like a monorah, but the candle holders are taller so you might have to buy a step stool on your way out for your penguin! $650 great for the secret chamber igloo.

In the instrument pages click on the upright piano. An instument your penguin will probably enjoy will pop up. A pipe organ will pop up. Its kinda like a piano but instead of the noise coming out from the back and the regular sound it comes out pipes that are pointed up and it makes a sound a little lower than the piano’s high pitch sound. You will find this item mostly in haunted movies. Does great in any igloo of any design. $4700 Not that well in tents.

In the electronic section, The home stereo holds another secret item. In the furry part, or as people might figure where the sound comes out…Concert lights! Great for a party and for Clubpenguin bands. $1650 great price, great for any igloo.

Keep on waddling,



2 Responses

  1. loooserrEditors Comment: Back at ya. Respect others the way you want to be respected. Hey and if you think I’m such a loser why are you even spending time on my blog? Huh? I am on the first page HIGHER now because of your help. Thanks! See ya, Goddessmomo 🙂

  2. thats mean, i think thats coolEditors Comment: Don’t know what your talking about but…. Sorry if I offended you. Please tell me what your talking about and I can help you understand. See ya, Goddessmomo 🙂

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