Pizzatron 3000 Clubpenguin Glitch

Hey peoples of Clubpenguin and WordPress. I have been waiting to tell you this. The candy mode on Pizzatron is easy to find. Those of you who DON’T know  how to go on Candy mode here are the steps.


1. Go to the pizza Parlor

2. Go through the bead door near the check in desk

3.  When the first menu pops up DON’T DO ANYTHING!

4. Look torwards the floor of the menu

5. You will see a little switch below the pizzas being made the switch

7. Then enter the game

There will be chocolate syrup and pink whip cream as the sauces. Sprinkles as the cheese. Licorice, Chocolate kisses, marshmallows, and jellybeans as the toppings.

Have fun playing!



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