Movie Cinema in Town!!!

The Dance Studio has been changed into a Movie Cinema! Some cool, not so glitches, but cool semi glitches. If you click on the sun, it will turn into a yellow puffle. If you click the bottom cloud it turns into a fish. If you click on the top cloud it will turn into a java bean bag. Last but not least! If you click on the moon it turns into a pizza! Why is everything about pizza. Pizza this, pizza that. Pizza is so popular that it replaces the moon!!!

Always go beyond the limits of imagination.



2 Responses

  1. Uhm… Every week they have a new Cinema Editors Comment: I meant that they put in an actual theatre. They didnt have it before, before there were just tables there, sometimes prize booths, I didnt mean the actual play.

  2. Hello, I am a Moderator at Club Penguin and I have to say well done for helping out people that don’t know that. But this week there is a new Play and it is
    Squidvoid VS Shadow Guy & Gamma gal. Editors Comment: OMG!!!! HI!!!!! Thanks! Come back anytime, bring some friends/clients if you would like. I like the support, thanks, maybe you could come 1 time every week so I can upgrade my blog on some cool stuff? If not, thats alright, I can find cool stuff on CP by going on as Goddessmomo. Thanks for the support, you are a great help to See ya, Goddessmomo

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