Flashing Word Glitch on Club Penguin!

Hey Clubpenguin players and WordPress Writers. This isnt really a NEW glitch but some people might not know it. If you want to know how to get your words flashing when you are on clubpenguin then read on.

When you are typing write “green commander of” then have ONE space after “of” then you can write anything. When I tried this I wrote, “green commander of eights” It flashed like crazy. BUT you HAVE to be walking while you are saying this or it wont work.

Keep on “glitching”



2 Responses

  1. how do you post things on this website?
    Editors Comment: Two ways, If you mean write a post on your blog go to dashboard then click write. Write some interesting things then click publish.OR. On my website,I mean write a comment.If this isn’t what you mean, then tell me which post of mine is confusing.

  2. Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ruEditors Comment: :O i am sorry your comment got lost within the comments i have had, if you would still like to i will email you

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