Everyone who is reading this message, If you want to become popular on wordpress AND on the Google search engine read on. I will hook you up with one of the greatest deals ever. I will make you your own personalized page on www.goddessmomo.wordpress.com and I’ll give you the address to give people and Kids. All You have to do is warn people by putting a post on your wordpress and give them the address and on your new page I’ll give the address connecting to you. Trust me, you will get sooo many visitors (most likely) so the google people will check your website out and mabye move you up on the google search engine. This works! My dad gets people up on the google engine into the top 20 out of at least 1,000. He does it for money, I do it for free. If you are interested then post a comment or email me at m.g.creativenews@gmail.com ! After you post the post warning people the rest is on me.

Until then, Waddle on!




10 Responses

  1. please i want to be cool and popular in clubpenguinEditors Comment: Ok, I meant on wordpress, but if you want both then send me your email and tell me your penguins name ONLY! I dont want your password. I will check out your site and see what I can do,and while I’m on CP I will advertise you. But you need to do ONE thing, go on wordpress ASAP every day, if you cant go on every day then go on every day you can and write posts about CP, contests, glitches, about the readers of your webblog, and a little about you.I will email you at least once a week.

  2. Um…
    Can you please make my penguin in Club Penguin popular? It’s Mariko216 and my email is mragsac1@mac.com … Thanks!

    ~ Mariko216 ~
    P.S. Can you also make my wordpress popular?
    http://penguinnewscasters.wordpress.com Editors Comment: Sure, All I need you to do is go on wordpress every time you can and write a post about what your audience likes, you can find that out from blog stats, look underneath and see how many click were on each post. include the audience in some posts too, they dont want to just read they want to be involved too.

  3. but i dont have a website wat do i do!?
    still ocean689editors comment: Well I have 2 things. 1. get money and buy a website from me 2. get a free BORING blog at wordpress. ROCK ON!!!!

  4. ps email is lolawolf689@gmail.com

    thanx for wat you are doing i realy love it!!!!Editors Comment: Thanks, and your welcome, I enjoy doing this.

  5. one more thing, penguin name is ocean689! Editors Comment: Good thing to know, 🙂

  6. ok um how do you make me cool?
    ocean689EDITORS COMMENT: Top secret! You already are cool, I just make you popular and get you alot of hits! Yee-haw!!

  7. my gmail dose not work so here is a diferint one

    ok send to this email
    Editors Comment: good to know, im getting people by the minute, need to figure out some stuff though. I dont think that you have a worpress but I will get you popular on CP or search engines. If you have a blog and you want me to get you BIG TIME people then I have to go into your blog and optimize some things, NO SCAM. If not I will just get you popular on CP.

  8. hi Editors Comment: Ummm, Hi? Do you like the site or do you think it needs changing?

  9. he he look it me Editors Comment: Hey, like the site?

  10. O ok please just get me populer on clubpenguin!!!

    thanx a loteditors comment:Ok I will try.

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