My Birthday!!!

4 days ago was my birthday! The 5th of september! For my party my friends and I went to Build a bear workshop, then Red Robins to eat (they forgot to sing to me and get me a sundae) Some people left then and then for the people who could stay slepped over at the Marriott hotel, it was sooo fancy it had a pool, spa, hotel rooms, huge bathrooms, and even a restraunt in it!!!! But we only went in the pool, stayed in a hotel room, and went into the huge bathrooms. There was this secret room in the hotel with a huge fountain that led to a gift shop that led to a starbucks it was awesome!!

I have to go,



One Response

  1. omg sweet we have the same birthday, kol
    editors Comment: OMG Thats tottaly radical! ROFL!

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